Saturday, April 26, 2014

Who's that dude with the aviators?

Here is my latest bobblehead. The one, the only Ron Kittle! I follow him on Facebook because his posts make me laugh (or shake my head, it depends). Of course after I bought this on eBay I see that he is selling them himself with the money going to charity. Oh well.

The ones he's selling are signed but that's no big deal. I just wish I had waited so I could have put my $20 to better use than lining an eBayer's pocket. And yes, I did break off the advertisement on the bobble's base. I usually do if I think I can without damaging it.

I already have a signed Kittle card. I posted that back in January.


  1. I remember chasing after those Kittle rookie cards back in the mid 80's. Good times. Very cool bobble. Wouldn't mind adding one of those autographed ones to my collection.

  2. The bobblehead looks like the younger brother on the ABC series "The Goldbergs".