Sunday, April 27, 2014

1964 Topps 'Giants' Warren Spahn

I don't recall ever seeing Warren Spahn pitch in person while he was in his prime (and what a 'prime' it was!) but I did see him as his career was winding down pitching for the Giants. In fact I saw him win the next-to-last game of his career in 1965 when he beat the Mets at Shea. It was a home run festival for the Giants which made my best friend Chris and his Dad very happy.

But I'm posting this just because Spahn cards never cease to amuse and amaze me. Look at the angles on this one. His cap, cap brim, nose, ears, eyebrows and even the character lines on his expressive face all leading off into different directions. The Braves' classic cap makes it even better.

It's a great shot of a great pitcher. Here is his 1959 Topps blog entry with some career details and Spahn-centric links. 


  1. Warren Spahn really looks like somebody's "cool uncle".

  2. Caps certainly had more character back then as did many of the players.