Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I've got nothin'

Anyone who does this silly blogging thing has sat down at the keyboard and realized that they have nothing to really say at that moment. (Happens to me a lot.) So as a fall back strategy I can count on my man Brooks Robinson to come though. And here he is.

This Robby rookie from 1957 was the first (and maybe only now that I think about it) 'expensive' card I bought when I decided to collect every Orioles card from 1954 onward. This was back in about 1980 or so. I remember seeing it at a hotel ballroom show and how much I angst-ed over pulling the trigger on it. I don't remember how much it was but whatever it cost this card.... 1) was more than I could afford given my circumstances back then and.... 2) thrilled me beyond words.

The other pricey card of an Oriole that made up the '54 to '80 run was the high numbered 1967 Brooks Robinson. Luckily I already had that card from my old collecting days. I have a couple of other copies of the Brooks rookie now and both are in better condition but this one has the memories behind it so it remains the one to fill that spot in my vintage Orioles collection binder.

So there is Brooks, looking pleased as punch to be on a baseball card. I felt the same way to tuck it into my binder, for sure!