Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Swing and a miss.... and two bloop singles

1959 Bazooka Billy Pierce. White Whale that will continue to elude me until I hit the lottery. OK, it's not that expensive but it's certainly will cost more than I can justify to myself. The top one of these two recently sold on eBay for $190. It sat at $72 for a couple of weeks tempting me. I finally put in a snipe at $90 and felt guilty so I removed it. I went back twice and re-entered a snipe and again I went back and deleted it. 

Turns out it didn't matter. Someone (a couple of 'someones' I guess) took it way past my limit and beyond. As cool as it is I simply won't pay that.

Funny thing about the Pierce Bazooka is that for some reason I just never see it. I find others at shows. I see the Mays, Mantle, Banks and especially the Cepeda regularly. But not Billy Pierce. This example below is actually the only other Pierce I've seen offered and it went for a huge sum via an auction site.

But I did wrangle myself a couple of additions to the Pierce collection. This is a single 1961 Topps stamp. I've missed out on a bunch of these at auction because I wasn't willing to pay the sort of premiums that seem to come with intact pairs. I finally took this one for a few dollars.

These stamps were very very popular among the collectors at my school back when they were fresh. I remember swapping dupes on the city bus with my friends as we rode home. And of course we stuck them in albums. I had mine for a long time. I think it was purged while I was away at school in the mid-70's. 

The second new addition is one of those things that wasn't even on my Pierce checklist. I just happened to stumble upon it with a casual Pierce search. This is a 1985 Coke White Sox card which obviously features Tim Lollar but includes a insert picture of Pierce. The whole set is done in this way with members of the '85 team shown with a corresponding old time Sox player. These are slightly 'oversized' cards, about the same size as so many of the 1980s 'police' sets.