Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Topps Tattoo Billy Pierce

Patience pays off in this hobby. I've missed on several of these over the last year. I was able to find the parallel tattoo that features Pierce's name awhile back but the face tattoo eluded me..

I had a shot at one that went cheap a couple of weeks ago but missed by a few bucks. This one was a B-I-N that went unsold and I kept making offers to the seller which he rejected until I guess he figured it was me or nobody. So here it is.

Pretty good shape for something so fragile. These were issued as gum wrappers in 1960 and this is the Topps version. There were sets issued by O-Pee-Chee and my 'sig' tattoo is one of those. At one point I told myself that I was going to chase both versions of both tattoos. That's not going to happen. The difference between the two versions is just the manufacturers copyright line so I'm happy with what I have and as far as I'm concerned my 'tattoo chase' is over.

Here is the 'flipped' scan showing Pierce's name 'correctly'. EDIT: I meant to mention that when I saw Pierce's name is shown 'correctly I meant readable without a mirror! His first name is more properly spelled 'Billy'.

'Billie' Pierce was a Delta Blues/jazz singer whose career spanned some fifty years and who passed away in 1974.


  1. These are super hard to find in any shape. Great find. Have the complete 71 topps set of tattoos. But these have escaped me

  2. Congratulations on adding this to your collection. I'll have to see if there are any affordable Athletics in this set to collect. Thanks for sharing.