Wednesday, August 13, 2014

That Fuji Feeling (Pt. 2)

Continuing my Card Show chronicles as I left Larry's $1 bargain table I headed to a table presided over by a friendly guy I had met before at Houston shows. He had a lot of news cards and packs but the boxes I was interested in were on a table off to the side where he had a big plastic tub of sleeved 50 cent cards and a couple 1600 count boxes of neatly rowed 10 cent cards. Perfect.

As I started into the 50 cent box he told me he would sell me 3 for a dollar. So I dug in. I picked six and then went through a couple rows of his dime boxes and ended up spending about $5. 

I came away with the worse for wear Lenny Moore at the top. It'll fill a hole in my Moore collection until I can find a better one. For now it'll do nicely for 33 cents.

This Ken Dryden came out of the fifty cent box. I'm currently reading his book, The Game. It's every bit as good as promised.  

From the 10 cent box I pulled Houston Cougars........

Elmo Wright was the first guy to do an 'end zone dance'...... for which you can either be annoyed or appreciative.

Otis Birdsong is the #2 scorer in Houston's hoops program history and a guy I knew quite well from my days in the Athletic offices.

Eugene “The Hitting Machine” Lockhart was a bad ass linebacker at UH but he ran into legal problems after he NFL days. Too bad.

The rest of the cards I bought for a dime each fit into some small collection or another that I maintain... Baltimore Colts, my fantasy league's Hall of Fame, silly stuff like that.

I also landed a few non-sports cards, mostly to round out my take to an even dollar amount. i always like adding Presidential cards. And who doesn'y like cards of attractive ladies?

Then it was off to my last stop, another dealer on the back row who had interesting stuff for fifty cents and a dollar a card. I stuck to the fifty cent box which was full of mostly well worn non-sports stuff.

I spent about five dollars at this table and bought some cards from sets I have wanted to sample but never at eBay prices. These are from the 1954 Bowman Power for Peace set, the 1956 Topps Presidents set and Topps' Flags of the World set also from '56. Below is a sampling of these.

Some of these were worth the 50 cent cost, others maybe not but overall I was OK with the small lot I picked up. 

I did a bit more shopping and found a few items that will go out in some mailings I have been planning. Then I hit the road for home. I came in under budget before I factor in my PWE purchases and I had a fun day at an enjoyable show. 

Fuji, "King of All Bargain Buys", how did I do?