Sunday, March 16, 2014

Have you ever lost a card?

I did. I had a nice 1957 Billy Pierce Topps. It was autographed and I even posted it late last summer. But recently I was gathering up my 'collections' from various boxes, binders and stacks in order to get them organized. And my '57 Pierce wasn't among any of my stuff. At least not in any of the logical places it might have been. 

So after rechecking with no luck I went to eBay and found a decent replacement. The '57 Pierce isn't an expensive card so there wasn't a huge cost factor involved but even as one who doesn't particularly collect autographed cards I thought my original one was kind of neat. Caulk it up to the price of being so damn un-organized for so long. 

For the record here is the scan of my 'lost Pierce'.