Thursday, November 20, 2014

1958 Billy Pierce Yellow Letter team name variation aka "I hate slabbed cards"

I mean what's the point of having had this card graded? I'm sure I'm missing something here. It's a decent card, not torn up or showing any evidence of having been abused but it's obviously not pristine. Yet someone paid (what does PSA charge?) to have it graded and stuck in a plastic tomb.

All of which is fine but those damn slabs are so hard to open. I understand that's how it must be to prevent fraud but I sure hate having to risk actually damaging the card to put it in my Pierce binder.

Sorry for the rant but using a pair of pliers to crack the slab caused me to crimp the upper right hand corner. Now this card, one I've been patiently chasing for a long time, has some fresh damage. 

But I've got it. The team name variations are not as coveted as the yellow player name versions but I didn't pay much of a premium for it and it helps flesh out my Pierce collection.