Friday, September 19, 2014

Orioles/Memorial Stadium(?) Beer Token

I used to have one of these that I used as a ball marker and kept in my golf bag. But, like all the really cool coins/markers I've used thru the years I went to grab it one day on the first green and realized that I'd probably left it on the last green of the last course I'd played.

But I saw one on eBay awhile back and gave it a $2 bid and won. I've never known the origin of these. My ex-uncle gave me the first one I had and that was many years ago. The eBay seller said they were given out at the gate randomly but that seems kind of far fetched. I have a suspicion that these had nothing to do with Orioles games at all.

But it's a nice fit in my oddball Orioles collection and it goes right into a binder page with Topps coins and such. No more using it for a golf marker. I have Portuguese and Italian coins for that now.

And because the Orioles are the newly crowned AL East Champs and this is the first time they have clinched at home since 1969 I'm tossing in some 1969 Orioles-related items I've posted before.