Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mark Hoyle... He has everything

And he shares it! I'd love to see the warehouse he obviously has behind his house. I picture it looking a lot like the one in the last scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Multiple dupes of every set ever published in carefully marked boxes. Hoyle on a Segway tooling back to Aisle 7 Shelf 42 to pull some Ralph Baker cards the minute I blog that I met the guy through my uncle when I was a kid. Then over to Aisle 116 to dig up a couple of 1970 Comic booklets that I listed on my wantlist.

Mark recently sent another one of his really nice card-stuffed envelopes my way and as always it contained some really great items. Take a look.

From the 1970 Topps Comic set Mark included the Cleon Jones and Tony Oliva booklets. Between this pair and another handful I nabbed on COMC I'm down to about a half dozen or so of these to knock off the set.

Vintage football, of boy do I love vintage football! To save some time I multi-scanned some of these. Vintage Colts make me happy and sad at the same time. Below are not only the Raph Baker cards I mentioned but some Bob Tuckers (I spoke to him at my other uncle's pharmacy once), a couple of Ben Hawkins cards as well. I watched him play for my high school when I was young enough to sneak under the fence of the Park Oval in Nutley N.J. once upon a time.

And there are more Colts and a few Orioles as well. That Bert Jones cards will end up in the reconstructed binder of cards in my very first niche collection, 'Guys On The Phone'.

Thanks, Mark. You're a prince!