Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Orioles Yearbook Is Here!!

I ordered this thing online from the O's before the season even started. They sent the Media Guide back in April I think. But I was beginning to wonder about the yearbook. I was going to try and track down someone to email about it when the big yellow envelope showed up in the mail on Tuesday. Happy happy joy joy.  I love yearbooks the same way Night Owl loves minis!!

This year's addition edition has one of the better covers the Orioles p.r./media folks have used in a long time. Front and center is the Orioles' 60 year anniversary logo surrounded by current popular Oriole players and Buck Showalter. But lurking in the background are the Orioles six Hall of Famers. The same six who were honored last season with bronze statues.

Pretty standard stuff on the inside. I can't put this thing through a scanner so I had to take a few pictures. Not very satisfying but here are just a couple.

You get the usual front office bios, support staff pics a team directory, some ads and then color spreads on Showalter, the coaches and the full time players. 

There are several pages of prospects and minor leaguers. Yes, that's Carl Yastrzemski's grandson Mike on the page below. He's tearing up the Orioles minor league chain. He has moved up the ladder to Bowie this year having made two jumps in competition since the season started.

Then there are pages of 'behind the scenes' stuff, community affairs and then....

.. the promotional schedule.  It begins in July and given the players that are included in the photo/bio sections I'm guessing that the book was put together fairly recently. For example Nick Hundley who came over from the Padres in late May has a full spread.

Finally there is the full schedule and Camden Yards info, plus more ads.

I keep an excel file of all my publications. It's nice that I can change that annoying 'P' (for' pending') into an 'X' for 'Got it!' in the little box in the yearbook column next to '2014'.


  1. Nice cover! I didn't realize the O's were celebrating their 60th year in Baltimore. Jeter steals all their thunder, I guess. I used to subscribe to Giants Magazine, but felt the content was slim and the ads were heavy. I did like the yearbooks though. Nice seasonal snapshot. I should stay up to date on those.

  2. That's a nice-looking yearbook... It's been years since I've bought one for any team. I spent many an hour poring over my Mets yearbooks when I was a kid, but I generally lost interest in them in the early 1990's... I guess there was just too much competing for the attention of the collectible section of my brain.

  3. I have a lot of old Sox yearbooks from the 70's . I've only bought them sporadically recently... The o' s book looks great.