Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Why did I just buy that?"

"Why did I just buy that?"

Go ahead and raise your hand if you have NEVER said that after some random hobby purchase. You, you in the back with your hand're not being honest!

This is a Leaf History of Baseball 2012 Cut Signature Edition Billy Pierce edition. I bought it on eBay last week. The guy was taking offers so I low balled him and he accepted. Then I saw it for a couple of bucks less than even my offer so my time spent thinking I got on over on the seller was pretty short-lived.

It scanned like crap because it's a thick 'card' in a hopelessly thick case. Why it's in a Beckett slab I'll never know because it's not graded or anything. Let's weigh the positives and negatives on this thing, shall we?

Negatives first:

1) It's stupid. It's a piece of a picture with an autograph. In a card that won't fit in a page pocket. And it doesn't even show much of Pierce (which with a 'cut' is kind of the point I suppose).

2) I have more autographs of Billy Pierce than I need already. Plus (this is a bonus negative) I don't really collect autographs anyway.

3) It cost way more than it's worth. I just bought a really nice signed George Brace photo of Billy Pierce on eBay for $10. This was twice that.

4) It wasn't not on my want list. In fact I had no idea it existed and I am not chasing modern Pierce cards to any extent.

5) It's stupid. That one is worth mentioning twice.

6) The case appears to be welded shut. Even my Dremel cut-off saw attachment is going to have issues with it.


1) It's Billy Pierce.


Oh, here is the back: