Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I see Hockey People

I bought these at the last card show I went to. I was looking for a theme here but I can't find one. So here they are, just vintage hockey cards.

I don't know why I buy cards of Phil Esposito as a Ranger, I really don't. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.

I loved Vic Hadfield as a player. I liked him so much that I pulled out this card from a dealer's box of quarter cards and bought it. Today I found out I already had it, and had posted it here previously. But it's already been uploaded into this post so it stays where it is. My buddies and I called him 'Two Sticks' because that's what Ranger TV play-by-play guy Win Elliot would call him when his mind froze and he forgot player names, which was often.

Arnie Brown, the Ranger fan's resident punching bag. We blamed him if the reception on WPIX was off. We blamed Arnie for late buses. We blamed Arnie for everything.

Ken Hodge was obnoxious. I have no idea why I bought this card.

The story always went around that Roger Crozier would spend most of the pre-game puking his guts out. If I had to face Bobby Hull's slapshot with the crappy goalie equipment they wore back then, and no mask, I'd be puking, too.

I love the French-English backs of OPC cards. Crozier played for Buffalo almost as long as he played for the Wings but I always associate him with Detroit.