Friday, February 14, 2014

1962 Orioles Yearbook

I recently mentioned that I had bid on and won a '62 Orioles yearbook for the grand sum of $2.50 plus shipping. I picked it up at the post office today and I'm pretty happy with it.

Here is a look at both my 'new' and 'old' copies of the '62:

The old one had been 'updated' by an unknown (but obviously detail oriented) Orioles fan sometime in 1963. The coaches page had been edited with 'fired' notations on the write-ups of a couple of the staff. My upgrade copy is on the right.

Here is a closer look at the one with the notations:

And every player had his 1962 stats added. LOL And in some cases his new team. Here are the two books for comparison sake.

Both these pages are from my upgrade. First the Jim Gentile entry:

And the obligatory staff/behind the scenes page. I like how the photos attempt to capture the folks 'in action' as it were..... on the phone, conferring seriously. Good stuff.

Sorry for the pics. This is one of the Orioles' early 60s over-sized yearbooks and is far to big to place on a scanner. So I had to take phone pics. I knew you couldn't live without seeing my latest 'prize'.