Thursday, June 5, 2014

Don Zimmer for the Hall of Fame!!

Don Zimmer died yesterday at the age of the age of 83. He spent 66 years in baseball. Remarkable. I posted this comment on Jim from Downington's 1960's Baseball blog:
RIP indeed. I'd like to see the Veterans Committee find a way to get Zim into the HOF. He spent 66 years giving his life to the game. Don't they have a 'contributors' category. He's as worthy of that as many others in the Hall. I think it's the least the game can do for him.
His 1959 card is one of my favorites from that set. I remember reading up on him when I was posting it over on that site. I ended up rushing to finish because I had spent so much time reading about his career. Quite a character. His playing numbers don't justify the Hall, but surely his 'baseball life' does.

More Zimmer cards from my collection.