Thursday, May 22, 2014

Some '64 Topps Giants Hall of Famers

Sorted and scanned a bunch of my '64 Topps Giants cards. I'm still 10 short of completing it but I plan to knock it off this summer when I'll have more time.

I'd love to know where the Bob Gibson shot was taken. That looks like a hotel in the background. Maybe Spring Training. I loved watching Gibson but I've told my Gibson stories a few times already so I'll spare you a repeat.

I'l post one card-back. Here is the Gibson.

Ron Santo was elected by the Veteran's Committee a few years ago. He had a real 'cult' backing his bid for election. I'm glad he made it.

Juan Marichal. This linked SI story about the epic Marichal-Spahn duel in July of 1963 is a great read!

Frank Robinson. I have so much 'Robby as an Oriole' stuff that sometimes seeing him in Reds gear makes me blink once or twice. Gorgeous uniform though, isn't it?


  1. I've said it before when you have posted this set. I love these cards

  2. I have wanted to collect the Yankees in this set for a long time. The Mantle may set me back a few bucks, but the Ford and Howard cards are pretty affordable. I would even pick up the Torre just for the heck of it.

  3. Love this set. It's so underrated in my book. Best of luck on grabbing the final 10.