Thursday, May 29, 2014

Good News, More Good News, Bad News, and then finally Good News again

Well, tonite either Captain Canuck or I am going to be pretty damn happy, but not both. LOL. I was hoping the Rangers would win Tuesday night so I could go the the Orioles games without having to track the hockey game from the stands at Minute Maid Park but it wasn't to be. If I'm lucky the MMP wifi connection will be as good as it was last season when I was able to watch feeds in there.

I'm posting my latest Henrik Lunqvist card here today. I don't believe in jinxes or omens so the fact it arrived on the day of The King's Game Five meltdown has no meaning. The post title refers to the transaction that involved it. The 'good news' is I won the auction pretty cheap for it being his rookie card (or one of them I suppose). The 'more good news' was that the seller included about eight other hockey cards. It's always cool to get a surprise with an eBay transaction. The 'bad news' is that he used scotch tape to attach the 'bonus' cards to the outside of the hard case the Lundqvist card was in and one card was ruined. The 'good news again' is that the ruined card was that of a Canadiens player.

Hey, I'm kidding (sort of... had the card been a Ranger I'd have been kind of annoyed).


The rest of the cards were pretty cool actually. They were all Panini cards from 2011 or Upper deck Victory cards from the same year. For all I know about modern that may all be the same set somehow.

The Paninis were kind of different, at least to my eye. They had some unusual pictures. Here's the best one:

It shows Radim Vrbata of Phoenix working on his stick with a hacksaw. The write-up says the photo was taken before a Coyotes win in Los Angeles over the Kings. But... isn't that a home sweater he's wearing?

The next one shows a playoff ending handshake between Pekka Rinne and Roberto Loungo.

I first thought this was going to be a shot taken at a skills contest (do they still do that?) but it turns out Vernette and Gerber are old friends, at least according to be card back.

Here is the now retired Teemu Selanne. I failed to scan the back but the pucks he's holding are from a hat trick against the Avs in 2011.

And finally it's the highly skilled Ryan Getzlaf on another Upper Deck card. Both Selanne and Getzlaf are west coast guys and I don't know much about them.

 Nice cards. I don't collect this sort of thing but I'll put them in my hockey box.


  1. that idiot Bettman a few years ago decreed that all home teams wear their dark uniforms.
    So the Vrabata white is the road uni...

    1. Indeed. And how did that get by me? I'll blame the fact that my son found a white Coyotes sweater at Marshalls way back and it was the home one then. It was odd but awesome, one of those white babies with the black, green and maroonish trim and the crazy looking coyote logo.

  2. The Upper Deck Victory sets for NHL are quite good!