Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Morning Quarterback #4 1990 Fleer Bobby Hebert

In this ongoing (weekly?) series of posts I am going to feature cards from my fantasy football player collection, specifically the 117 quarterbacks I've had on my team's roster since 1980. I have one selected card for each player in my All-Time Flyers binder. Through the years I've tried to use as many different card varieties as possible while holding on to my preference which is: a card issued in a year I owned the player showing him in the proper team uni in a vertical format. Card availability and my whims have had a big impact on that standard as we will see.  

NFL Info: Bobby Hebert was a Louisiana boy who played at NW Louisiana. He was born in Cut Off, Louisiana (I kid you not!) and his name is pronounced "ay-bare"... Cajun much?

He was signed by the Saints in 1985 after he had played in the USFL for three seasons. His Michigam Panther team won the USFL title in '83.

Anyway he played for the Saints through 1992 and then for the Falcons for three seasons. He led to Saints to three play-off appearances but didn't win a game in the post-season. He made his only Pro Bowl appearance in 1993 with Atlanta.

Fantasy Angle: I had Hebert in 1988, a year in which I went 11-3 and cruised to a division title but got knocked out in the 1st playoff round. Herbert had started five games for me that season and had the best scoring average of any of my QBs. We were a 'touchdown only' league then and he averaged better than a TD and a half per game. I sat him in the playoff game and he got hurt in his game for New Orleans and didn't score so I have no regrets.

The Card: I put the 1990 Fleer set together by hand back then. It's in a binder and I bet I haven't looked at it twice since. But I liked the set then and I still do, at least the card fronts. They are color coordinated with the teams' colors and have the team helmet on them so they appeal to me. I bet they look good in a binder, I may have to dig the thing out.

I'd like the card backs more if the colors were not so garish. But they have a portrait and full stats so that's a plus. I'm not sure why I have the 1990 Fleer of Hebert in my FF Frankenset. I started gathering these fantasy league guys' cards in the late 80s and the '88 Topps is out there. It was probably because I had so many '88 Topps cards included already. If I ever decide to really get anal about which card of each player is in the binder I will pick it up.

1988 Topps Hebert image from the 'net:

Now that I look at it I think I may have this card stuck in my football box.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Opening Day's Eve

The Orioles crank it up tomorrow for real. And I'm ready. I showed off my new car a couple of weeks back. One thing that wasn't installed was a Sirius radio even though I was under the impression there was while I was negotiating the price. There is a long story involved in that and it was almost a deal breaker. But in the end it worked out as I got one installed at no cost. Having the radio service in the car makes it possible for me to get the Sirius internet service at home.

And I love having Sirius at home because I can hear every major league game. I may or may not re-up with MLB.TV so Sirius might be my link to the Orioles and baseball in general this year. I've enjoyed hearing Oriole games and then switching over to the Dodger broadcasts when the O's were done. 

There is something very comforting about hearing the voice of Vin Scully coming out of my table top Sirius box. I'm not even a Dodger fan and I don't really know many of the players that are involved in the broadcasts but hearing Vin Scully doing games makes the world feel right. I hope he's around for awhile longer.

I think this Scully card from the Panini Cooperstown set may be the only card of a broadcaster I've ever sought out and bought. I might have to start another mini collection... My Favorite Broadcasters. That could be fun to put together.

Friday, March 28, 2014

I will NEVER get used to this!!

Never, never, never. It goes against nature. Derek Sanderson as a Ranger? Hell Johnny U. on the Chargers didn't shock me as much as this. That 75/76 Topps card won't even have a place in my Rangers binder.

But hockey has always had a lot of cross-pollination. At least during the days of six and then 12 teams. Players were moved around a lot and with that few teams the odds of a guy you disliked landing on your favorite team were not all that long. But saying I 'disliked' Derek Sanderson is like saying Hell is 'warm'. 

Which brings me to the video below. On April 5 of 1970 my parents were house shopping in Houston. I was glued to the radio in Jersey as the Rangers were in a wild battle for a play-off spot. It was the last day of the regular season and the Rangers needed to beat the Red Wings (they had lost to the Wings the night before) and have the Black Hawks beat Montreal. 

But they needed more. Even if the games went their way the Rangers would have been tied with the Canadiens and out of the playoffs on goal differential versus Montreal. The Rangers had to win AND score five more goals than the Canadiens! The Rangers played in the afternoon and went off the rails trying to score. The fired about sixty shots at Roger Crozier and scored a 9-5 win. They had even pulled Eddie Giacomin out of the goal leading 9-3 in an attempt to up their total.

When that game was over WHN in New York announced that they would pick up the Montreal-Chicago broadcast so I sat and prayed next to the radio for another three hours that night. The Habs needed to score five goals, even if they lost. Those five goals would have given them the last playoff berth. Try as they might the Canadiens could not do it. The Hawks had something riding on the game, too. They needed a win to finish in first place. They went ahead 5-2 in the third period and Montreal pulled their goalie trying to add goals. But Chicago hit the empty net five times and won 10-2. I'd never experienced anything quite like that Sunday.

On Monday, the Rangers put playoff tickets on sale and with my folks out of town I didn't have much problem skipping school, taking the train into Manhattan and lining up with my buddy outside the Garden. We got tickets for the third and fourth games. I remember that our seats were about the last available pair and they were high up behind the goal. They were in an area of the Garden that didn't even give you a full view of the ice unless you stood up, or even better, stood on your seat, which is what we did.

And Game Three turned out to be a doozy. The Rangers and Bruins had been mixing it up in Boston during the first two games and the Garden was rocking even during the pre-game. Right from the opening face-off things got crazy and as it turned out the game set records for penalties. Until today I had never seen any video of the game. This clip is four minutes, about a third of which is foolish fluff but the rest is serious hockey bidness. 

Too bad they didn't have any video of Sanderson shooting the bird at the Garden faithful as he exited the ice. From that night forward he was 'evil incarnate' and the thought of him ever actually playing for the Rangers was, well, beyond anything I could comprehend.

The Bruins went on to win the series and eventually the Stanley Cup over the Blues. I skipped school again and tried for Game Six tix with my girlfriend but got the shutout. Rangers lost anyway so it's OK. Derek Sanderson wore out his welcome in Boston (twice), spent time in the WHA, became an alcoholic and got traded to the Rangers.

Funny how things turn out.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Something Old, Something New

That right there is a Manny's Baseball Land 8x10 of Billy Pierce. Manny's was one of two retail sports related 'meccas' of my youth. The other being Gerry Cosby's which was located on the ground floor of Madison Square Garden.

Manny's took up a big chuck of River Avenue across the street (and under the elevated tracks) from Yankee Stadium. No trip to a game was complete without spending time at Manny's checking out the pennants, player picture albums, yearbooks, photo packs, pins and caps. Lord, it was the coolest place on earth to me and my friends.

Manny's also ran ads in sports magazines. We thought we were 'special' because we could get our hands on the myriad of sports treasures Manny's had live and in person while kids across America had to wait on the mailman for their authentic Braves cap.

I can remember buying caps, yearbooks and pennants there but never any 8x10 photos. But I see references to them on eBay quite a bit. I grabbed this one of Pierce just as an 'oddball' item for my collection. I don't think I ever bought one as a kid. We plastered our walls with color pictures from Sport Magazine.

I remember reading that Manny's moved across the river to north Jersey and became strictly a mail order business. I may be wrong about that. The block that housed Manny's retail store in the Bronx is now occupied by about five different businesses all owned and operated by someone named 'Stan'. There is a bar/restaurant, a cap store, and various other baseball themed enterprises. They all look like crap. Hey Stan.... I knew Manny's, and you are no Manny.

And speaking of 'Manny'.....

Below is one of my three 2014 Topps cards. Too bad Manny Machado isn't going to play for a couple of weeks. Hopefully he doesn't suffer any setbacks in his knee rehab. I'm looking forward to seeing him play for four games against the Astros here in late May/early June. I've got my tickets and a new Orioles polo. 

Yes, I already have my wardrobe planned for the series. Orange Orioles polo on Thursday, Baltimore Elite Giants t-shirt for Friday (that is MLB's annual Civil Rights Game night hosted this season by the Astros), Brooks Robinson 1962-style Mitchell & Ness jersey on Saturday and 'Macho Manny' tee on Sunday. 

I think this Machado card is just a part of the regular base cards. But it's a pretty neat card nonetheless. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Behold the Glory... 1961 Fleer Lenny Moore

I'm not sure now much better a football card can get. Great design, great player, great picture. Lenny Moore stands, hand on hips, wearing the iconic Baltimore Colts blue and white uni (note that the 'UCLA' shoulder stripes go all the way around the sleeves, just as God intended), with the Memorial Stadium crowd behind him. Just a slice of the great old stadium's original scoreboard shares the picture. That scoreboard just makes this card!

Using the games listed on the scoreboard I can date the shot. On October 2, 1960 the Colts hosted the Bears while the Lions were in Green Bay and the Steelers were in Cleveland. The Colts ran over the Bears that day, 42-7. Moore touched the ball six times. He carried twice for ten yards and caught four passes from Johnny Unitas for 140 years and two touchdowns. Typical Lenny Moore performance.

Moore was at the height of his career in the early 60s. He was a duel threat being able to line up as a halfback and carry the ball or playing out wide as a receiver. In those days his spot was called 'flanker' and he lined up off the line of scrimmage, normally on the same side as the tight end. Nowadays the spot is called the 'Z' receiver. I'm not sure who to compare him to among current NFL players. Eric Metcalf, now retired for about a decade, was a rb/receiver with Lenny Moore-like skills. Metcalf., like Moore, was accomplished as a return man as well.

Moore used to use white tape on his shoes and ankles which led to his 'Spats' nickname. All I knew was that he just so damn cool. I might have worshiped Johnny Unitas, prayed for him every Sunday in church during football season, but Lenny Moore was the guy who brought Colts fans like me right out of their seat. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weird Little Collections: Original Six Favorites #2

Jean Beliveau is one of the most revered players to ever skate in the NHL. Montreal loved him and still does as far as I can tell. Supposedly, as a young player in the Quebec amateur leagues, Beliveau was reluctant to be bound to the Canadiens as his only option for a pro career but Montreal decided to just buy the league Beliveau was in and in essence bind him to play for them.

I've read that story four times today and in each case the details vary a bit, some say Beliveau's father was instrumental in the workings of it all. No matter, Jean Beliveau went on to a rather spectacular career in Montreal winning TEN Stanley Cups as a player and SEVEN more as a team executive. That is a bit mind-boggling.

I saw the Montreal Canadiens play in the old Madison Square Garden in the early 60s. It was one of my first 'live' hockey games. I wish I could say I have memories of seeing Jean Beliveau but the fact it the only player I remember is the Rangers' goalie Jacques Plante. I don't even remember who won the game.

What I saw of Beliveau that I can remember comes from watching tape-delayed Rangers games on an old black and white TV in our basement on Saturday nights with my father. My Dad always had something to say about Beliveau.

This is a 1971-72 O-PEE-CHEE Jean Beliveau special. It's the last card in the checklist coming right after the Gordie Howe retirement special card. It's a pretty neat set and one I would consider putting together some day. I have a handfull of them already including this 'well rounded' Beliveau special. I have a bid in on a cheap but decent copy of the Howe special. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Morning Quarterback #3 2010 Panini Prestige Matt Ryan

In this ongoing (weekly?) series of posts I am going to feature cards from my fantasy football player collection, specifically the 117 quarterbacks I've had on my team's roster since 1980. I have one selected card for each player in my All-Time Flyers binder. Through the years I've tried to use as many different card varieties as possible while holding on to my preference which is: a card issued in a year I owned the player showing him in the proper team uni in a vertical format. Card availability and my whims have had a big impact on that standard as we will see. 
NFL Info: Matt Ryan, aka "Matty Ice", was drafted in the first round as the third overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft after playing college football for Boston College.

In 2007, Ryan led BC to an ACC Atlantic Division championship and was named ACC Player of the Year. During his rookie year, Ryan started all 16 games for the Falcons and led them to the playoffs with an 11-5 season record. He has also earned honors as the 2008 NFL AP Offensive Rookie of the Year.

He's been the Falcons' starter since he was drafted. Last season he agreed to a five-year contract extension worth almost $104 million with the Falcons. On December 30, Ryan surpassed Steve Bartkowski for the all time franchise leader in passing yards.

Fantasy Angle: I have five league titles but I am quite capable of doing stupid things. Prior to the 2013 draft I traded Peyton Manning for Ryan and a mid-level draft pick. At the time my thinking was: both are rated about equal (Manning was ranked #6 among QBs on my cheat sheet while Ryan was #8), mid round picks are gold to me, and Manning is one hit from a career ending neck injury. The reality was somewhat different as I now know. I'd have fewer regrets with dealing Manning (despite his monster season) if Ryan had continued in 2013 putting up numbers like he did in 2012. But his O-line sucked, he had a decimated receiving crew and he generally played like crap. Even so I don't know if the differences in numbers really cost me more than a game, maybe two. But in a 13 game season two games can mean the world. I lost out on a Wild Card berth on a tiebreaker. Live and learn.

The Card: Lots of stuff going on here. The brand logo is pretty big, the picture is a pretty good action shot but the 'fog' effect is pointless. The team name could be narrower but on the plus side there is a team logo and the back is done in team colors. Only one year of stats plus career totals. How about using a different pic up there? Maybe a portrait shot?

2013 is the only year I have had him but I used this three seasons old card for Ryan because my others were all from sets I already had in the binder. Variety sometimes wins out over year. And overall it's not 'ugly'.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vintage Soccer from Mark Hoyle

My Pro Set Soccer card post last week prompted blog reader extraordinaire Mark Hoyle to dig up some AB&C Gum cards from 1969/1970 and send them my way. These are four of the nine Manchester United players that are included in that year's set. 

Of the four players on these cards Brian Kidd is the most accomplished. He currently is an assistant at Manchester City but he made his name in 1968 with a goal he scored at the age of 19 in the European Cup finals win. He spent several years playing here in the U.S. in the North American Soccer League. He later managed for Man U under Alex Ferguson.

These are the first really vintage soccer cards in my collection. Their 'well loved' condition just feels right for cards that were issued in England 45 years ago. They are smaller than what we know as 'standard' cards, closer to the size of Topps '75 minis. If you have any interest at all in 'English Football Cards' at all then this site should be among your bookmarks.

Just great stuff. I love how some of the pics appear to have been snapped as the players were assembled for a team photo. Thanks again Mark. These cards, and your insightful comments, are appreciated.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Blogger is making me nuts... and two Pierce items

Man this Blogger thing has thrown me a curve or two. 

Problem One: If you look to the right you can see that my 'Blog Lists' have no headings. I had "My Other Blog" and "I Also Contribute Here" above the '59 and '63 blog links. Those are gone. My "Daily Reading" headings are gone, too. I made a crappy graphic to sub for the heading but it sucks. I've noticed that some other blogs are suffering the same small but annoying malady. Blogger claims to be aware of the issue. 

Problem Two: I have always received emails alerting me to comments left on my posts. For the last week or so those emails have been erratic, at best. This holds true for both my blogs. I have been checking when I think of it but over on my '59 Topps blog I have several knowledgeable commentators who from time to time comment on an old post, adding info or corrections or questions. I have no way to see these with checking through almost 600 posts. Turns out it is Google that is shuffling all my blog related emails into the spam folder. Why this started I don't know. I have recovered them all. 

This is pretty discouraging. But it's not going to stop me from posting, that's for sure. And here we have my two latest Billy Pierce items. Up first is a 1960 O-Pee-Chee Tattoo. I've had this on my checklist for quite awhile. And when I picked it up I thought I was done with Pierce tattoos. No, not quite. As I dug I found that there is another Pierce tattoo in the set. It features his portrait. And not only that, but there are Topps versions of the same items. 

These things are usually pretty expensive but this one came cheap givien it is only one panel from what was a complete gum wrapper. But this is the $$ panel so I'm glad to have it.

I missed out on both versions of the Topps tattoos on eBay Wednesday evening. I got out-sniped by the same buyer on each. I wish I had bid higher as these went pretty cheap (about $10 or $11). I'll keep working on them. One guy is asking $40 or Best Offer for the Topps portrait tattoo. I have a lowball offer on it and am waiting for him to reject it. 

Here is the tattoo next to my other new item just for the sake of size comparison. 

It's the 1989 Swell Gum Baseball Greats Pierce. Pierce is a willing signer and auto'd items don't carry much premium. For that reason I'll bid or buy if something pops up that I need even if it's signed. The picture is a tightly cropped version of a photo that appears on a lot of Pierce cards. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Platter-full of O's from 'the Plate'

The best thing about getting an unexpected bundle of cards in the mail is that it's so, well, unexpected. One week ago a big ol' manila envelope arrived from Dallas and inside were upwards of 45 Orioles cards, 44 of which I not only didn't have but have never seen.

Even the one card I had is cool enough that having a second one is a good thing:

Cal looks so young and determined in this 1987 Topps. I love this one. Perfect 80s card. The rest were newer issues. And despite my sometimes curmudgeonly 'Get Off My Lawn!' persona making it seem like I don' appreciate the new stuff, that's always not the case. Take these for example:

this is my first look at the 2014 Manny Machado card. I like the bluish border and the fact that while there is a lot going on here none of it detracts from a pretty neat picture of the O's third baseman. 

I'm not nuts about 'chromey' cards but I have not previously seen the styles of these two except in scans. They are way cooler in person. I have seen the red and blue (and a pink one) multiple times but never the silver or purple.

Next up is a reprinted 1971 World Series card showing Brooks Robinson doing what he did best.

Three new Ripkens for the Ripken section of the O's Stars binder. 

This was maybe the most interesting card. Ryan Minor on a clear plastic Sky Box card. The player image is raised off the clear plastic. I can't imagine how they 1) thought of that and 2) figured out how to do it.

Mike Bordick appears to be pointing someone out to unseen teammates. I get a Yankee Stadium vibe here. He's probably telling someone that "the guy with the laser pointer thats screwing with us is ....sitting.....right....THERE!!"

A Fleer Ultra Mike Mussina.

Donruss Preferred Mussina. Never have seen anything from this set. Not bad at all.

And an Upper Deck Mussina. I know I'm supposed to hate this guy since he gave the Orioles the big brush off for the Yankees. I'm getting too old to hate guys. What hate I can muster I reserve for Robert Irsay, and he's already 15 years dead so I'm wasting emotion on his ghost I suppose.

I pretty much missed the B.J. Surhoff era in Baltimore. He came and went (twice) while I wasn't looking. Awhile back I did some reading up on him. Seems like he was a helluva guy, gritty and straightforward. And he got traded after his best season with the Orioles. I just now found out that he had kids who swim collegiately at North Carolina and the University of Texas. '63 Fleer clone card, nice.

There were several cards of Brady Anderson included. This is a Topps Stars card. Was this part of a regular set?

This next Brady may get passed on to Ana from Hobby Cards Europe. She has collects cards of players causing, well, dust to fly. And I bet she'd like Brady himself, too.

And there were plenty more. Diecut cards, shiny cards, glossy cards, chrome cards, and all manner of combos of those. One of the best packages I've received, for sure.

Thanks, Brian! Much appreciated. I'm going to check wantlists for Rangers I might have in my boxes, Senators as well.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weird Little Collections: Original Six Favorites #1

Putting together mini collections is kind of fun. No, not mini sized card collections like Night Owl has (although that's fun as well) but little bitty theme collections and small subsets out of big sets. The inspiration for these things comes out of the blue sometimes and sometimes from other blogs or from a card I see on the net.

I collected the NHL players born in Texas as an example of the small theme collection and the 1960 Topps managers cards as an example of the subset type.

My latest of the tiny theme type collections is "Favorite Player From Each Original Six" hockey team. It was going to be just six cards. But I couldn't always decide one one card of a player and I had no chance on deciding on my favorite Rangers player so the collection actually is a few more than 6 plus a bunch of Rangers. 

Here is the first one, a 1974/75 Topps Stan Makita.

Back in about 1969 or 1970 a buddy and I went in to Manhattan from New Jersey to watch the Ranger play the Black Hawks on a Sunday afternoon. When it was over we did what we could never do after an evening game. We went and stood on the Eighth Avenue curb outside Madison Square Garden near the Black Hawks' charter bus hoping to spot players. I ended up getting Bobby Hull to sign a game program along with a sig from Tony Esposito. Bobby Hull, as was his custom, stood outside the idling bus and signed for every kid that asked while the rest of the team sat and waited in their seats.

I'm guessing that if they had a complaint they kept it to themselves because a) Bobby Hull was their meal ticket and they knew it, and b) if they said anything he was quite capable of kicking their ass without too much effort. Hull was that not known as a fighter the way Gordie Howe was, but he was a guy I bet nobody would want to mess with. The thing was, as much as I admired Bobby Hull, the guy on the Black Hawks team I really wanted a signature from was Stan Mikita.

Maybe a old time Black Hawks fan could help me here but I always got the impression that Mikita was to most popular guy among their fans. He was tough, fast and talented. He was as good a 'faceoff guy' as I've ever seen. And he used a wickedly curved stick, which we thought was very cool. He played with 'flair'. And he definitely stood out when he took to wearing a helmet on ice in a time when not very many players would.

I thought so much of him that I never held against him the fact that when I saw him sitting in a window seat on that bus he totally ignored me when I tapped on the glass. At least, since the window was closed, he didn't have the chance to slam it closed like a couple of the other players did. My friend lost a program when Dennis Hull (we think) closed his window and trapped the program in it.

But back to that card. Ol' Stan is decked out in full gear posed in front of a paneled wall with his skates planted firmly on linoleum tile. How damn awesome is that? This set is just chocked full of 'hallway' poses with players in full body shot or portrait in front of what appears to be a painted wall, paneled wall or brick wall. There are some action shots but it's these card photos that look like they were taken in the basement of Mount Sinai Hospital that make this set fun. I believe I have at least one more to show later in this series of posts.

Here is my other Mikita card. It's a '72/'73 Topps

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I like stuff...

....that's new to me and makes me go digging through Google to learn more about it.

Take for example this item...

It's a 1952 Star Cal decal made by the Meyercord Company of Chicago. (Note: the above is a scan of my decal, the rest of these images, except those of the back of it, were found on the net. I'm sure I set a personal record for using 'borrowed' images in a post but I did it in the interest of research).

Meyercord manufactured decals of all sorts and many of the designs may look familiar.

These are pretty typical:

And they were used by crafty types on all sorts of everyday items:

And as part of a kids' craft book.


And in their catalog....

 you might find some of this....

...that (ahem) ended up on things like this:

But we are more interested in the baseball decals; Those came in two styles, single player and duos. They were issued in envelopes with a cellophane window so the subject(s) was visible.

I dug and dug and couldn't pin down anything on how these were sold. If anyone out there has any insight I'd appreciate it. I was lucky to find the Pierce/Fox for my collection. It was not in an envelope but is in pretty fine shape for a 62 year old decal sheet. There is apparently a single Pierce decal but I've only seen this one that features him and Nellie. Could be that another 'white whale' has breached the surface!

I ran this search on March 13 and found these things on B-I-Ns ranging from $20 to almost $1300. I saw a Pierce/Fox in the envelope for $80. I paid about a quarter of that for mine without the envelope.

Here is what the Pierce/Fox looks like as it was sold in 1952:

And the back of the envelope:

If you look at the Hodges/Reese envelope you can see that decals of movie and television stars were produced as well. I found some examples readily available.

Oh wow! I'd LOVE to have a Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis decal!

Finally some odds and ends that accumulated on my desktop while googling these things:

I found a vintage picture of a 'Meyercord Decal Shop'. Could be a kiosk set up in a department store. Hard to say for sure.

 Here is a snippet of a Time magazine article about the company president/founder. And a page from a catalog and a magazine ad.

The original Meyercord Building is still standing. It is now occupied by a Masonic Lodge.

Finally if you are curious here is the the back of my Star Cal Pierce/Fox.

And this is the text that is hard to read in the scan of the complete back:

This is the checklist of the 1952 Star Cal decals. These are the 'pairs' better known as the 'small' decals. Note that some list the same player as both parts of the pair. I thought at first it was a typo but apparently it's correct. (see below)

84a Allie Reynolds / Vic Raschi        New York Yankees
  84b Ed Lopat / Yogi Berra                New York Yankees
  84c Phil Rizzuto / Gerry Coleman New York Yankees
  85a Ted Williams / Ted Williams Boston Red Sox
  85b Dom DiMaggio / Mel Parnell Boston Red Sox
  85c Vern Stephens / Billy Goodman Boston Red Sox
  86a George Kell / Hal Newhouser Detroit Tigers
  86b Hoot Evers / Vic Wertz        Detroit Tigers
  86c Johnny Groth / Fred Hutchinson Detroit Tigers
  87a Eddie Robinson / Eddie Robinson Chicago White Sox
  87b Chico Carrasquel / Minnie Minoso Chicago White Sox
  87c Billy Pierce / Nellie Fox       Chicago White Sox
  87d Al Zarilla / Jim Busby                Chicago White Sox
  88a Bob Lemon / Jim Hegan        Cleveland Indians
  88b Larry Doby / Bob Feller        Cleveland Indians
  88c Dale Mitchell / Al Rosen        Cleveland Indians
  89a Ned Garver / Ned Garver        St. Louis Browns
  89b Ferris Fain / Gus Zernial       Philadelphia Athletics
  89c Richie Ashburn / Richie Ashburn        Philadelphia Phillies
  89d Ralph Kiner / Ralph Kiner       Pittsburgh Pirates
  90a Willie Mays / Monte Irvin       New York Giants
  90b Larry Jansen / Sal Maglie      New York Giants
  90c Bobby Thomson / Alvin Dark      New York Giants
  91a Gil Hodges / Pee Wee Reese      Brooklyn Dodgers
  91b Roy Campanella / Jackie Robinson     Brooklyn Dodgers
  91c Duke Snider / Preacher Roe      Brooklyn Dodgers
  92a Paul Cavarretta / Dutch Leonard     Chicago Cubs
  92b Randy Jackson / Eddie Miksis     Chicago Cubs
  92c Bob Rush / Hank Sauer     Chicago Cubs
  93a Stan Musial / Stan Musial     St. Louis Cardinals
  93b Red Schoendienst / Enos Slaughter    St. Louis Cardinals
  93c Cliff Chambers / Wally Westlake     St. Louis Cardinals

And the checklist for the 'large', single player decals. The duplicate names listed are, I assume, two seperate versions of the same player. Some, but not all, correspond with the pairs of the same player in the small set.

70A Allie Reynolds
70B Ed Lopat
70C Yogi Berra
70D Vic Raschi
70E Jerry Coleman
70F Phil Rizzuto
70G Mickey Mantle
71A Mel Parnell
71C Ted Williams
71C Ted Williams
71D Vern Stephens
71E Billy Goodman
71F Dom DiMaggio
71G Dick Gernert
71H Hoot Evers
71H Hoot Evers
72A George Kell
72B Hal Newhouser
72D Vic Wertz
72E Fred Hutchinson
72F Johnny Groth
73A Al Zarilla
73B Billy Pierce
73C Eddie Robinson
73D Chico Carrasquel
73E Minnie Minoso
73F Jim Busby
73G Nellie Fox
73H Sam Mele
74A Larry Doby
74B Al Rosen
74C Bob Lemon
74D Jim Hegan
74E Bob Feller
74F Dale Mitchell
75A Ned Garver
76A Gus Zernial
76B Ferris Fain
76C Bobby Shantz
77A Richie Ashburn
77B Ralph Kiner
77C Curt Simmons
78A Bobby Thomson
78B Alvin Dark
78C Sal Maglie
78D Larry Jansen
78E Willie Mays
78F Monte Irvin
78G Whitey Lockman
79A Gil Hodges
79B Pee Wee Reese
79C Roy Campanella
79D Don Newcombe
79E Duke Snider
79F Preacher Roe
79G Jackie Robinson
80A Eddie Miksis
80B Dutch Leonard
80C Randy Jackson
80D Bob Rush
80E Hank Sauer
80F Phil Cavarretta
80G Warren Hacker
81A Red Schoendienst
81B Wally Westlake
81C Cliff Chambers
81D Enos Slaughter
81E Stan Musial
81E Stan Musial
81G Jerry Staley