Sunday, May 25, 2014

Randon Friars on a random Sunday

What better day than a Sunday to post some Padres I've had scanned for awhile with no purpose in mind. I like the 1980 Ozzie Smith because he's got his eyes closed while following through on a huge cut. Random facts about the Wizard I didn't realize till now:

  • He finished second to Bob Horner in the 1978 ROY balloting but Horner played in about half as many games.
  • He's from Mobile, Alabama. I drove through the hardest rain I've ever experienced in Mobile one night in the early 70s. I was on my way to Florida with a girlfriend and when we got out of the tunnel that goes under Mobile Bay and the rain was coming down so hard I thought my Malibu had landed in the damn Bay. I literally drove blind for awhile. I'll never forget that and I think about it every time someone mentions Mobile. 
  • He only played four seasons in San Diego. I thought he was there longer. And he hit .231 over those four seasons.

1981 Topps Dave Winfield card on which Winfield just plain looks like a badass who I wouldn't want to pitch to. Winfield and Ozzie played together for Smith's first three seasons. Winfield finished up his playing career with the Indians. I'd have lost a bet on that for sure! The Indians?

This is some kind of jersey swatch Tony Gwynn card from Donruss in 2001. Gwynn led the NL in hits seven times and made the NL All Star squad fourteen times over a 15 year span from 1984 through 1999. In 1989, his rookie year, he hit .289 and never hit below .300 again, even in his last year at the age of 41. When it comes to just pure hitting ability who's better in the last 40 years? Rod Carew? Wade Boggs? Ichiro Suzuki? ::::shrug::::

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