Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Brooks Robinson Sunday Tribute

Two reasons for posting all these cards of my favorite baseball player. First of all today is Brooks Robinson's 77th birthday and, more importantly, I read a story on the Baltimore Sun website yesterday that talked about how his health is improving and how well he seems to be doing. That's really great news!

1957 Topps Brooks Robinson rookie card. Posted several times but it never gets old.

1963 Fleer BRobby. Great card from a fun set I loved discovering as a kid.

A Brooksie Upper Deck from some set or another.

A Donruss Brooks. These last two came to me last summer from CaptKirk42

A signed Perez Steele Great Moments

1961 Topps All Star card. Awesome card being awesome!

1960 Leaf. Brooks looking like a halo'd St. Brooks!

1993 Ted Williams set Brooks

Brooks and yours truly at the old Arlington Stadium circa 1982

And finally, the 'Original' Brooks Robinson and my son, also named Brooks Robinson at a show in the late 90s. 


  1. Good stuff! Happy birthday Brooksie!

  2. There are a lot of times when it's not great to meet your heroes. Brooks looks like one of the exceptions to that rule. Nice stuff!