Saturday, May 10, 2014

1953 Bowman Russ Meyer

Russ Meyer was just a name I'd heard before I looked into his career when I was posting his 1959 Topps card. As soon as I saw his 'Mad Monk' nickname I knew that would be one of the better research projects I'd done for that blog.

From his Army baseball exploits to throwing a rosin bag onto his own head Meyer was a character worth reading more about. Rather than repost those links here I'll let you check them out on my '59 blog. Not for my writing but for the stuff you can get to through that post like his very fun SABR bio.

This '53 Bowman was just a $1 spur of the moment buy on COMC (or maybe eBay, I forget). I'll spend that for a '53 Bowman any day. Especially when it ships free with the cards I was actually looking for. What a wonderful set. Like little pieces of baseball art. Sure the back of this one is ruined but dat front! Even two serious creases can't screw it up. Am I right?

If you don't care to click through to my other blog here is the '59 Meyer. I love the 1959 set but when it comes to these two cards there is no comparison!


  1. Two of my favorite sets. 59 Topps and 53 Bowman

  2. Excellent vintage! I thought Russ Meyer made those movies with busty women!