Friday, May 2, 2014

1971 Topps Coins

A direct descendant of the 1964 Topps Coins these came along seven years later and with the exception of having the paint covering the rim they were very similar. There are seven Orioles in the set, Brooks Robinson, Dave McNally and Davey Johnson are in there along with these four.

There were 153 coins total (click for the checklist) with the AL players shown in a red circle and the NL guys in green. The set was created in three sets of 51. 1-51 features a brass back, 52-102 have chrome backs and 103-153 feature a blue back.

Mine are obviously dinged up. That Jim Palmer has a serious defect. But I don't feel the need to clean these up. They are a fun oddball Topps insert. One interesting fact is that Topps included a checklist card in the regular baseball set that year.

Here is the checklist card (found on the web, not mine).