Saturday, May 3, 2014

Just Some Saturday Vintage Palmers

Had these scanned and thought I'd toss them up today. Been a very busy few days so I don't have much time to ramble (lucky you).

First his 1974 Topps. I'm partial to sets that use team colors.

Here is a rather beaten up copy of his '66 rookie card. I have several but I don't know which one is my original. My best copy is in the Orioles team set binders.

1970 Palmer used a very similar pose.

Here are a couple of recent ones which brings up a question. What do we call these? Sure they are 'Palmer cards' but obviously not issued during his career. Retro Palmers? Throwback Palmers?


  1. Love that '74 card... team colors + centered action shot = awesome!

  2. Always liked Palmer. Thought his windup was just perfect. I wouldn't mind one of your 66 Palmer dupes.

    1. Finally... FINALLY!!... something I have that you don't already own two of. LOL It'll be headed your way as soon as I can get to the P.O.

    2. Thanks Bob.... As a kid even though I was a Sox fan I always liked the O's. I don't know why... Liked Palmer both Robinsons. Belanger Blair all their great pitchers.

  3. In the early 1970s, some of my friends and I used to go the the local discount store, and buy t-shirts that were "seconds" (rejects) of various high schools' phys ed uniforms. I had one with a large oval on the front, in which I wrote the number 22.

    It was because I was a big fan of Jim Palmer (even from his early days in 1967), although my friend (who was a Dallas Cowboys fan) just assumed it was for Bob Hayes.

  4. Palmer always look good in vintage cards or retro/reprints cards.