Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Big Game Last Night!

And nobody played bigger than Henrik Lunqvist. 

Playoff hockey is just a blast. Hard to watch a Game Seven when your team is involved but it has to be done. I just couldn't make myself head over to Houston's great hockey bar, the Maple Leaf Pub. Just too nervous to watch around Penguin fans.

But heading over there tonight for the Bruins-Habs Game Seven. I'll have a Molson, please.


  1. Pufffff My Pens lost the season that was being so least they lose to my second favourite team ;)
    So, after last night..Go Rangers!

  2. They sell Molson's down that way?

    Due to a glitch in my list when I went to the Expo here, I have a spare 1961-62 Al Langlois. Room in your collection for this?

    1. Yup, the bar has it on tap. It's OK, they have better ones but Molsons seems right for hockey games at a bar.

      And, yes I have room That was a great post, btw. Love those vintage hockey cards. I've been so busy with the school year ending I fell behind in my blog reading.

    2. Stupid Blogger reply glitch froze me out. Yes that Langlois has a cozy page pocket available to it!

    3. Shoot me an email, please. My handle at gmail. :)

      I'll find him some friends.

  3. congrats. Hopefully see you for game 1 on Saturday.

    I may not be around for awhile if game 7 goes bad tonight......