Saturday, June 16, 2012

Who's that guy?

PHX Cactus Legue Exhibit

I stumbled across this picture online. It's part of an exhibit at the Phoenix airport that chronicles all the teams that have or have had Arizona as their spring home.

I don't recognize the player signing for the kids. The only clues are the fact he's a righthander, and the fact that the O's trained in Arizona at Panther Field in Yuma in 1954 and Scottsdale from 1956 through 1958. That's certainly not an Oriole jersey worn in 1954 we can assume the picture is from the '56/'58 time frame

My guess is Mike Fornieles. Fornieles was 25 when he was in camp with the O's in '57 so he was about as young as the the player in the photo appears and he was Cuban which might be a reason he has attracted some Hispanic young fans.

That's likely a stretch but I have nothing else.

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