Saturday, June 2, 2012

T 206 Charles 'Chief' Bender

Here's my latest T206 acquisition. It's a Chief Bender/no trees and it's a beauty, don't ya think? Except for that missing paper chunk and the stain that mars the back, LOL. But I let the Mr. Mints of the world worry about cardback issues. The front's what counts and this one is really nice. And compared to others that were on eBay this was a bargain. People look at the overall grade and this one got a 'fair' 20 1.5 (whatever all that means) and so the price was lower than some examples that didn't look as nice on the front.

I couldn't get a good scan with the card in the case so I cracked it open and then put it back. I usually don't care about slabbed cards but this one looks better in the case and I wanted to protect it, too. My scanner sort of made the corners look even sharper than they are but for a 102 year old card they were pretty damn good I think. Just the upper left is fuzzy.

I was prompted to find a Bender card by reading his story. He was a pretty interesting guy and excelled at trap shooting, golf, painting, fishing and billiards in addition to his Hall of Fame pitching career. Tom Swift's bio of Bender is very readable. 

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