Monday, June 4, 2012

2011 Topps Gehrig Triple Threads Game Used

I picked up this card at the TriStar card show. It was more than I usually would pay for a card but, otoh, I paid a lot more for a few of my 1959 set.

When you buy something like this there is always a nagging feeling that it might not be legit. But I always look on the bright side of things and I figure that now I have a piece of history. Yankee or no Yankee, Gehrig was a special player. I'm excited to have this one.

The best part of the show was being able to upgrade about 30 of my 1959 set on the cheap. I found one dealer who had a bargain binder for most vintage Topps sets. I dug into the '59 binder and came away with cards in the dollar to a dollar and a half range that were substantially better than some I had.

I have a list of my '59 'upgradeables' that I have prioritized according to condition. #1 priority cards are the worst ones in my set and I look to replace those first. I was able to find 12 of my 15 #1 priority cards at the show.

At the other extreme I found another dealer who had some very nice ungraded '59s but he was asking nearly 'graded' prices for them. I bought one or two from him.

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