Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oddball Orioles Stuff #1

As I continue to schlep through my boxes of 'stuff' I come across lots of off-the-wall memorabilia items pertaining to the Orioles.  I'll throw some of them up here from time to time.

This is a first day cover issued by the country of Grenada in 1988. It featuring what I assume were legal stamps issued by the government of that country. The three .30 stamps featured the three best known Orioles. I have no idea where I got this or what I paid for it. The envelope is cooler than the stamps I think. I love anything that features Memorial Stadium.

Most of my 'oddball' stuff came from the classified section of the Sports Collector's Digest, by poking around the boxes of 'crap' that a lot of dealer had on their tables back then or from friends I made in the Baltimore area through card trades and purchases.

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