Sunday, June 10, 2012

1990 Fleer Cello, Pt. 3

And here's the third and final section of that 1990 Fleer Cello pack. First a look at the sticker. Again, very miscut.

And the trivia contest backs. I actually got all these answers correct. I made many trips up I-45 to see the O's in Arlington Stadium so I know about the early Ranger franchise details. 

Marquis Grissom. He caught the last out of Denny Martinez' perfect game. And, according to Wikipedia..."He sponsors 12 Little League teams and helps fund a home school that provides food and shelter for children without parents."

Willie McGee.  Learn all about him and sign the petition to have his Cardinal number (#51) retired.

The 'League Standout' insert, Jose Canseco. He's a buffoon.

And the back of the buffoon's special card. These don't even look like a part of the same set.

Willie Randolph. The O's didn't bring him back as a coach this year. Too bad, I liked him.

Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson. Is there a record for most different uniforms worn by a Hall of Famer? It's got to belong to this guy.

The rest...

Rick Reed, eventual 'replacement' player and one of the loneliest major leaguers ever.

Matt Williams. He was a big deal in the 1990s. He's the only guy with World Series homers for three different teams.

Jay Tibbs. I won't go 'Chris Berman' on this Oriole. 

Mark Lemke
Gerald Young
Steve Rosenberg
Rick Mahler
Darnell Coles
Keith Comstock

That's it for this cello pack. I'll spare these cards a similar fate to that which the rest of my junk wax was unceremonious trip to the landfill. I'll keep them since they are the subject of three posts but to call them 'bait' would be an insult to minnows and bloody chum.


  1. This year of Fleer is not so bad, I kind of like them. I got 3 of 4 of the Rangers questions, I could not remember Turnpike.
    Are you in Houston? Waco? Huntsville? just curious, you said "drive up I-45".

    1. There are much worse sets than the '90 Fleer for sure. I think my problem was that I had so darn many of them. Sam's Club would sell these big ol' retail boxes of them and, being the sucker I was, I'd stock up.

      I'm in the Houston area.

      I loved going to Arlington Stadium. It was cozy and laid back. They let you bring beer in if you had it in one of those thermos jugs, the ones people used to take to picnics. The O's stayed at a hotel across the parking lot and we'd stay there, too. Fun to hang out in the lobby and wait for players.