Monday, June 18, 2012

1987 M&M's Panel: Cal Ripken and George Brett

I can't remember how these were distributed. Maybe in the huge bags of M&M's like my grandmother used to buy to fill up a bowl in her living room. Whatever. They came in two-card panels, 12 panels/24 players make up the set. The panels are perforated and, just like the separated cards, are worth next to nothing. Another one of those items you can buy on eBay and pay twice as much for postage as you do for the item.

The set is one of those MLB Players Assoc. items that doesn't show any team logos. The backs are semi-unreadable with the pink printing, at least to these now elderly eyes. They list some stats in addition to vitals and highlight blurbs. They use the basic numbers that used to be printed in long columns in the Sunday sports section (I miss that) and cover complete or recent career numbers depending on how long the player had been around.And what's up with the lime green M&M? 

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