Friday, June 29, 2012

1970 Frank Robinson

While I'm on a Frank Robinson tangent I thought I'd post these two cards of Frank from the Topps set of 1970. I had them both in stand-up plastic display cases but lately they've been in a box along with a dozen other or so vintage O's cards due to lack of room on my display shelves.

Neither is in what you'd call really good shape but they are about par for the course when it comes to cards that I've had since they were new.

Here is the regular issue Frank Robinson:

At least the stain and the crease are in the same place on the card. When you put all the stats of a guy with Frank Robinson's career on the back of the card there's no room for text.

So for a Frank 'blurb' you have to go to the All Star card from that set:

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