Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cheap 'Must Have' Card... Don Mossi

Prior to Fuji asking for folks' favorite vintage card he wanted his readers to discuss an/or post the cheap (under $5) yet cool card they considered a 'must have' for every collection.

There was a wide range of reactions. Some were, ahem, pretty 'colorful' (yup, I'm looking at you Night Owl) ;-)

Anyway, I'm late to the party, nothing new for me. But I'm not convinced by Night Owl's rant, funny as it was. I believe there IS a cheap card that belongs in every collection. Maybe not one specific card but one of several that are cheap, and extremely cool. I'm referring to having in your collection any Don Mossi card.

How can a Don Mossi card not improve a collection exponentially? Look, if some non-card collectioning friend ever asks what you see in squares of cardboard you won't need to say a word. All you'll need to do is pull out the '61 Mossi that is at the top, or....

the 1959 Mossi

or the 1964 Mossi...

or the Pièce de résistance... my personal favorite and the only one of these that I don't have, 

the 1966 Don Mossi 

One look and he'd know. He'd just know why you collect cards. Don Mossi may just BE baseball.

There are a boatload of Don Mossi cards that can be found online for just a few bucks, or even a few cents including shipping. How can you resist?


  1. Nice call! My collection wouldn't be complete without my 1955 Bowman Don Mossi rookie card.


  2. Yup, no card collection is complete without a few Mossi's. It's hard to compete with the '66, but you've posted some good ones. Here's some more: