Monday, June 11, 2012

Down Goes Robby!!! w/Update

I found this Frank Robinson bobblehead on eBay. Of the six or so that were listed this was the most reasonable. It arrived today and well, you can see the result.

The shipping box looked fine but the styrofoam within the inner box was damaged (hard to see in this photo). It looked like it was crushed from both sides. The seller responded as soon as I contacted him and asked for a picture. I hope it works out. I really wanted this thing, dammit.

The eBayer refunded my $ and told me to keep the bobble or toss it. Sending it back would have cost me about $10 so we're each eating half the original shipping. I'm satisfied.

I've got a bid in on another one. Wish me luck.


  1. some gum, a little duct tape, parts of a mecchano set, half a dozen lemons and a car battery and she's as good as new.

    1. LOL... if I'm stuck with it I may give that a try.