Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Three Years Ago Yesterday... of my favorite players passed away. The great Mike Cuellar. I once sat next to him at a game in the Astrodome. I related that story over on my '59 Topps blog.
That 1968 Topps Cuellar is one of the cards that survived multiple moves and 're-organizations' of my collection over time. One of my favorites, too. That of course is Shea Stadium and Mike is grinning as if he knows the best years of his career are about to unfold.
Those were the days when Topps used the 'Houston' designation of cards featuring Astros. Several theories on this. Probably some sort of licensing dispute.
More of my Cuellar goodness...
Orioles team issued postcard, circa 1974

1973 Topps

Picture I took of Mike playing long-toss at Arlington Stadium in 1975, chronicled here.

1960 Topps