Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pardon My Rant

I'm a University of Houston alum. And I support the athletic department in several ways. I'm not the biggest contributor but my support is pretty significant, enough that I'm on the list of invitees for the department's big functions. I say this not to pat myself on the back but as background for this:

I'm sitting here two home games into the hoops season and I still haven't received my season basketball tickets. I've 'chatted' online with the ticket office, emailed them and talked by phone. The latest I've gotten from them is that they will be 'overnight'd' to me in time for Thursday night's game. We'll see. UH wants to return to the days when it was a fairly significant player in the college sports world. Conference championships, Cotton Bowls, Final Fours, that sort of thing. If that's going to happen we'll sure need a better ticket department.

We have a nice shiny new football stadium and complex, a major revamping of Hofheinz Pavilion including a basketball training and practice facility is underway. How can season ticket holders be shuffled off to the side if we hope to make it back to the big time?

Meanwhile here are some things I use to remind myself of better days for the program.


  1. I have WVU basketball season tickets and they always wait until the last second to send tickets. Never missed a game though....I would be pissed. Hopefully they compensate you in some way.....especially since you are a donor.

  2. I'd be a little pissed myself. Nice collection of Big E memorabilia

  3. It's a shame but here unfortunately we don't have sports in school like you do. Here the lazy ones are the ones who wants to play football or other sport. So we don't get to get attached to our high school or college sport team..well.We don't even have teams. Sports are only practiced in PE classes..