Friday, December 12, 2014

Cards for no reason

I haven't picked up any new cards other than Baltimore Colts cards in quite awhile. And I don't want to over do the football posts. So I'm going to post a few cards that I had scanned to my Picasa account for no other reason than they are (IMHO) awesome!

'57 Gil Hodges.... I'd like to see him elected to the Hall of Fame. But I don't think it's going to happen.

Leaf Luis Aparicio..... love the halo effect that these cards had. Great picture of Looie!

'62 Ralph Houk.... wearing a windbreaker under his jersey! Pretending to shout instructions! With Yogi Berra talking behind him!

T206 Rube Marquard... there is no such thing as a bad T206.

'58 All Star Mickey Mantle. This card is in contention for one of my favorites of all time.

A collection of awesome cards requires at least one Don Mossi card. It's a federal regulation I think.


  1. Great cards... I'm after that Leaf Aparicio myself..

  2. Man - that Houk is sweet. I may have to work on a cheap-o 62 set.

  3. Every one of these is great, particularly the Hodges and Houk cards!

  4. Those would be highlights in just about anyone's collection.

  5. The uni-nerd in me immediately noticed the serifs on Gil's Dodger uniform. I don't remember seeing any other Dodgers with numbers like that. Hmmmm.

  6. Wow that Marquard is in great shape!