Wednesday, December 24, 2014

1970 Topps Super Colts

Joe over at the Schlabotnik Report picked up a nice stash of the 1970 Topps Super football cards recently and blogged about them a couple of weeks back so I'll spare you a repeat of the details but these are really pretty neat items. I have always been aware of the baseball versions of these but the football ones were unknown to me until a few years back. I hadn't pursued them until I decided to collect the Baltimore Colts cards from their tenure in Baltimore.

I will not attempt to collect every single insert and oddball card or set out there. That's just silly (there is a Topps test issue Unitas tattoo that cost more than my car). But the affordable and interesting ones are going to be in my sights.

My copy of the Unitas is a bit rough but I wanted to buy cheap and that's what I did. It's still nice enough to add to my binder. As Joe pointed out the reverse side of the card is identical to the regular Topps 1970 backs except for the card number.

Tom Matte came to me at the last card show I attended and he was essentially a throw-in on a stack of Colts cards I had selected. Again he is 'much loved' but I can't complain about the price.

Matte and Johnny U. are the only Colts in the set. The Supers, btw, are sometimes confused with another 1970 Topps special set, the Super Glossy inserts. I have the Unitas and posted that one a couple of years ago.


  1. Nice! I'd never heard of Tom Matte before looking at the checklist for this set. It's interesting that he was a quarterback at Ohio State but generally a halfback in the NFL. He looks sort of like my elementary school's principal.

    1. Matte subbed at QB in the '65 playoffs for the Colts and nearly got them to a title (got screwed by the worst call in history). I have another Matte post coming. Mention his name to any Baltimore Colt fan and you get a smile.