Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Even I'm tired of this card!

Look! It's another by-gawd Topps Heritage version of the 1964 Billy Pierce card! This version had a blue sig, is unnumbered and has a Topps Certified 'tagline' printed below the photo.I swear this is my last one. I was thinking it might be fun to have one full page containing the '64 card and the many variations of it but I don't think there are quite enough of them available and I'm spending my money in other ways now anyway.

Just to make sure this post has something new and different in it I'm posting a photo sent to me just this week of the Billy Pierce tribute that is shown on the outfield wall at Comiskey Park. It comes from my "Chicago Insider" Mike McKay. Thank you Mike, for the photo and the holiday wishes. My best to you and yours, and many thanks!


  1. I haven't picked up any Heritage autographs lately... but I gotta admit, these on-card autographs are pretty awesome.

  2. Love the outfield wall pic. Happy holidays