Friday, December 26, 2014

1969 Glendale Stamps Baltimore Colts

The 1969 Glendale Stamps Baltimore Colts set falls under the heading of "Cheap vintage Colts stuff I'm OK with buying". The album was published by Glendale Publishers, Inc. of New York City. There were a dozen stamps made for each of the then 26 NFL teams for a total of 312. 

these are about the size of the stickers Topps put out to be placed in albums in the 80s. It's an unlicensed product so there are no team logos to be found. You can see each of the stamps here and there is more info here. As the bloggers notes these are listed as a 1969 issue, that being the copyright date but the album (see below) has 1970 splashed across the front. Probably an attempt to give the set a longer shelf life.

The stamps came on a sheet meant to be cut apart and placed in the album using the little glue strip across the top. There is an album with the complete intact stamp set on eBay for above $300 but the empty album goes for about $15. I found the Colts' stamps from an online seller for about $12.


  1. I like the album cover... Colorful and action-packed yet with no logos and no faces.