Monday, April 13, 2015

Somebody Needs This....

....or at least I think someone does. I remember reading someplace that a Geoff Blum signed card was on a wantlist. I can't remember if it was on a blog or on the Facebook Baseball Autographs group. But I'm sure it was Geoff Blum.

That's the problem with getting old, at least for me. I don't forget stuff necessarily, I just don't remember all the details. ;-O     Related example... I don't remember where, when or why I picked this up. I knew I had it somewhere and yesterday, after wrestling with my tax return for a couple of hours I unwound with a box of stuff I pulled out of my hobby closet.

The card is actually not miscut. My scanner has issues with Topps' white borders much of the time. I was too lazy to scan it again with a background page and then crop it.

If you are the one who needs a Geoff Blum sig just sing out. I can have it in a PWE and on it's way in no time.