Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Three Aces

I bought a pack of 2013 Gypsy Queen before I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago and they came out of the pack looking a lot like the previous versions. Nothing wrong with that, but I'm not inspired to buy more of them. I was lucky enough to get a Bob Gibson.

He's a member of my "Favorite NL Pitchers Trio". The other two members of that little club of mine are Juan Marichal and Sandy Koufax. I checked and found that they also had GQ cards in this year's set.

I had some PayPal money burning a hole in my pocket so I went to eBay with the idea of completing the trio and that's what I did.

Of the three I like the Koufax the best.

So that'll do it for my '13 Gypsy Queen experiences. Unlike the last couple of years I'm going pass on buying any more packs to save my money for something else.

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