Thursday, May 4, 2017

Card Show haul

When I returned from my little Trump-inspired break from this blog I was kind of concerned that I'd have nothing to post. That's not been the case. I have all kinds of stuff. The problem actually is that I just haven't had much time. Not only have these posts been sporatic but I've largely ignored my two active set blogs. 

But I'll try to do better now that my work schedule has hit the 'off season'. These are some of what I picked up a couple of weekends ago at the hotel card show I frequent. Nothing like the fantastic stuff Mark Hoyle nabbed last weekend at a show and showed off on Twitter but whatcha gonna do? 

I bought a handful of  '57s from a bargain box (almost everything I get at shows is from vintage bargain boxes).  Some of the ones I nabbed went out to other collectors already but these are what I kept. 

I never pass up a Harry 'Suitcase' Simpson card. This is probably my third '57 Topps Simpson. One of them went out to a collector. I love this card with it's old Yankee Stadium background. 

Here's another dupe. I had this Juan Pizarro in my PC but for about a quarter I added this one to my stack. I know what you're thinking...'Who the hell has a Juan Pizarro PC?'.  Guilty as charged.

Same thing goes for this '62 Post Brooks Robinson. There is nothing nice about this card other than it being Brooks but for the price I figured I might just pass it on to someone who is looking for a placeholder.

Now these I bought for me. Is there anyone who doesn't love Kelloggs' cards, especially 1970 Kelloggs?  I have a long, convoluted and not all that interesting Joe Pepitone story that I may relate one day. But the bottom line is that he dated a girl who lived down our block when we lived in Nutley, NJ. She ended up as an item in the New York Daily News at one point and was the talk of the neighborhood. Those were fun times.

Rico Petrocelli had a brother who ushered at Yankee Stadium. He told me and my friends he was 'authorized' to sign his brother's autograph. I had a couple of Yankee game programs signed by him. LOL

When my daughter was young and mildly interested in sports she was a Nolan Ryan fan. These two oddballs were a dime each. I bet there is a Nolan collector out there who could use them.

This is a better '69 Bob Moose than I have in my ...errr... Bob Moose PC. I bought it hoping it would be so.

And then there is this Jim 'Mudcat' Grant Topps coin. My dealer friend always has a pile of these coins, always in pretty brutal shape. This is the first time I've spotted a Grant.

As mentioned above the rest of what I bought went out thru the postal system last week. I spent three hours and about $20 total. I resisted an urge to buy a 1970 Topps 'starter' lot and headed out for a Banh Mi and Vietnamese coffee. It was a good day all around.


  1. Pizarro played for the Sox, so I am sure at some point in time, I'll start one as well. I love the player collections that can be SUPER cheap.

  2. Looks like a successful show to me.

  3. Well, at least I like the cards :-)