Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Bat-bonus

I've been collecting quite a few Batman sketch cards over the last few weeks. I've easily surpassed my goal to fill a nine pocket binder page. In fact I am approaching two binder pages.

The Aaron Laidley card above cost me $13. Laidley has stuff all over eBay but doesn't appear to have a site of his own. He's apparently British. Anyway it's another unique take on the Caped Crusader. I really hadn't given much thought to the many different versions of Batman that have flown through pop culture.

Next up is another Ellyn Rose Acord card. This one depicts Micheal Keaton's movie Batman. It was $7.50 and is the second Acord card in the binder.

Finally a completely different look as I picked up a 'cartoon' Batman Beyond sketch card by Cary Vallery. He does a lot of cards with the profits going to children's charities. 

Also enclosed with that last card was a pack of Batman movie cards. I've got this set as it contained cards showing my college roomie Robert Wuhl who played  newspaper reporter Alexander Knox in Tim Burton's Batman flick of 1989.

I didn't get any cards of Wuhl but I didn't have any of the stickers that originally came in the packs so this first piece was new to me. 

Here are three of the five cards and a look at the back of one of them.

I have lost the index card which I was using to tally my sketch card costs but no matter. I'm sure I could arrange the cards in a way that the cost of at least one page was under $75 (my original goal) but that would be cheating. I'm just going to finish the two pages (18 cards) and post them when I'm done.

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  1. All three sketches are awesome... but my favorite is the one done by Ellyn Rose Acord. I really like how she drew his mask and colored the body.