Monday, May 1, 2017

Here's a sketch card....of Billy Pierce

I haven't added much to my Pierce collection lately. In general the items I lack are very rare/costly, or in the case of a couple of eBay items, things that get relisted endlessly and not worth the asking price.

I stumbled across this sketch card in one of my eBay searches and threw in a minimal bid. I was the only bidder and took it for $4.99. I have a couple of sketch card 'prints' but this is the only 'original' art card I have of Pierce. Or of any baseball player actually.

I have another BP item on it's way and it should arrive in a few days. The thing I'm waiting for is a White Sox season ticket from the June 23 game versus the Athletics. The Sox really went out of their way to put out some nice tickets for their season ticket holders this year. I obtained an Opening Day program that has a poster insert of all the tickets but I'd love a real one. Billy's ticket looks like this:

Here is a shot of some others:

Great stuff...particularly in an era of digital and generic tickets.


  1. I think those are all the styles for the year, so Billy should be on multiple tickets. Not just that one date.

  2. ....but let me try and confirm that.....

  3. Oh wait - I guess there are 81 different designs:

    "Breunlin described the process of making 81 individual art pieces (one for every home game of the season) in a phone call with"


    "Don't worry if you're not a season ticket holder, as you'll have a chance to turn your house into a White Sox art gallery. The team will be making the designs downloadable after each game, even entering your seat and section number to reflect your day at the yard."

    And that link is:

  4. Great stuff Jeff, thanks!

    The poster has all 81 designs. But it's huge. I don't have enough open wall space.

  5. Sketch cards are always good for adding some unique variety to the collection - I've been meaning to track down a few myself.

    Also, those tickets are gorgeous - I'm kind of jealous of our Southside brethren for those.

  6. That's an awesome piece of artwork... especially for the price. Nice pickup.