Monday, May 15, 2017

My wife went to Stonehenge ....

....and all I got were some lousy baseball cards. 

OK, so I got these at Target. But the rest is true. My wife is off on a two week trip to England and Scotland which means I can watch anything I want, eat anything I want and not make the bed.

That pic above is dawn on Sunday at Stonehedge. The pic below is a green Gypsy Queen card. I've been pretty 'meh' when it comes to GQ every year. But these green bordered ones are pretty nice.

I bought a three-pack hanger of these which had a coupon attached that entitled me to a free pack of Opening Day. I didn't get anything spectacular in these GQ packs.

I needed a card of Jim Johnson in a Braves uni for my fantasy BB binder. Here it is.

Brad Ziegler looks like Jimmy Buffett on the tail end of a five day bender.

I got an Oriole! Alert the media!

I also needed a card of Jays' stopper Roberto Osuna. The good news is I got one. The bad news is it was this one:

It's one of those phony-ass stupid fake misprint missing color plate things. C'mon man...this looks like one of the cards that a card shop I used to frequent in west Houston had in their window display for a decade and a half. I don't want a sun bleached card. I'm not putting this in my fantasy binder. #thanksObama

This next one is worse.

No name. I hate sets that don't have players names on the front. They made this another phony variation. Pfffffft. I don't want to turn the card over to find out who he is. 

Opening Day is fine and dandy if irrelevant to me. Having said that I liked quite a few of the cards. Francisco Lindor is always having a good time playing ball. I like this kid a lot.

A double Cutch hot pack. I got his regular and his shiny card both. He's not hitting his weight and I have him on BOTH of my teams. I'm keeping the faith though. Talent will out in the end.

Getting two Birds in one pack is unheard of!

I got a card of a sandwich.

And a card of whatever this is.

Another Indian showing emotion. Miller is excited, not doing some dopey choreographed preening. Good for him.

I needed this card weeks ago. So I bought one on eBay. Then I got one in my first pack of Opening Day. Then I got this one in this pack of Opening Day. Sigh.

While I was standing there in the card aisle at Target something possessed me to buy a pack of Bowman. I usually end up with Bowman cards thru COMC or eBay because I like to stash minor leaguers on my teams. Lots of times their only readily available card is a Bowman.

This is a shiny chromified card of a guy I don't know.

here are the cards of guys I've heard of.

And here is a shiny, reflective 2017 version of Bowman's 1951 Duke Snider card. I love the '51 Bowman set and Duke's card in it is pretty sweet. This is the best card I got in the whole stack!

As I walked out of Target I spotted a Dollar Tree store in the same center. And yes, I DID venture in to see what they had for a buck. I'll save that answer for another post.


  1. I'm cynically convinced that the Gypsy Queen blackless "error" was the result either of (a) Topps wanting to create a parallel and simultaneously save money on ink with its printer; or (b) its printer screwed up and Topps said, "screw it, let's incorporate them into the packs as a 'variation'".

    But I'm cynical.

    1. Reminds me of this from the late great Mitch Hedberg:

      I think Pringles' original intention was to make tennis balls. But, on the day the rubber was supposed to arrive, a truckload of potatoes showed up. And Pringles is a laid-back company, they said, "F**k it, cut 'em up!"

  2. Love the Stonehenge photo. My mother and sister visited the site about 25 yrs ago. They gave me a beautiful framed photo for Xmas that year. Have had it hanging in various spots ever since

  3. It's a pity your wife wasn't there to tend to you when you fainted dead away after pulling three Orioles.

    Normally when a card has a Mets logo on it, I'd say "Oh, I have to get that"... but a pastrami sandwich?

    ...I don't even like pastrami...

    FYI, Bo Bichette is Dante's kid (and Yankees prospect Dante Jr.'s brother)

    1. I love pastrami but I never had anything at Shea except hot dogs with kraut or a knish.

  4. Just looking at Stonehenge makes me smile. I've never been there, but it's on my bucket list. A mascot card and a pastrami sandwich? I'd say you did pretty well with Opening Day.

    1. Actually I've run out of the stuff my wife cooked before she left. A pastrami sandwich sounds pretty darn good right now.

  5. I'd love to get to Stonehenge some day. I'm afraid if I ever went to Europe I'd never come back but spend the rest of my life exploring the ancient sites.

    1. England and Japan are the two places I'd want to visit if I went overseas. I want to see a ball game in Japan and I want to see Man U play at Old Trafford.