Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Football Season

I recently took a look at the 'views' for this blog (I'm slow on the uptake sometimes) and I noticed that my Monday Morning Quarterback posts draw very little interest. Less than even my other posts LOL. But that's OK. I think that I'm no different than other bloggers, we all post what we like, right?

And, in addition to hockey, baseball, actresses and chicken fried steak, I like football. I DO understand that baseball drives the card/memorabilia blogging world. But I'm an NFL fan and I love my fantasy league. I've run it for 35 years and it's kept me close with friends from college that otherwise I might have lost contact with. Plus the MMQ posts give me an excuse to look through my fantasy team player binder and also to go back and dig into my team's history and stats. Those are two things I love.

And all that rambling brings us to today. It's the NFL's real Opening Day, Thursday Night Football notwithstanding. I'll be at the stadium watching the Texans play Washington at noon and hopefully enjoying it. So to mark the occasion I'm posting a Sports Illustrated issue that was sent to me some months ago by Mark Hoyle. 

Don't bail out now, there is a baseball treat at the end, I promise. 

The cover story covers my main man, Johnny Unitas. It tries to explain his rather unique mechanics as a quarterback. His game and his style were unmistakable.  He was one of a kind and I truly believe he's the best football player to ever take the field.

The last page of the Unitas article contains a home movie camera ad that features Boog Powell. Kind of neat, but a even better ad comes later.

And what do you know? The main baseball article was about Earl Weaver and the Orioles. Coming off the AL title winning team of 1971 the O's finished third in the AL East. They bounced back with a 97 win season in '73 and the featured players in this article were a big part of that.

Check out the articles listed on the contents page of this SI....chess, rowing, bridge, body building. But if you read SI back then that isn't unusual.

Here is the baseball prize I promised. You have to love this killer Killer ad for Johnson & Johnson's baby powder.. 


  1. My football related posts receive way less "looks" than my baseball... so I know exactly how ya feel. Oh... and congratulations on having the two key article feature Baltimore teams.

  2. I thought the magazine would surface today. Love the old SI's

  3. Johnson's add is a total winner! But I prefer to see Killebrew in other kind of sets.

  4. 35 years running the same fantasy football league, and I thought a family league I'm in starting our 11th season was impressive! The evolution of that fantasy football league, a future post idea?

    1. I've done a few things on it previously. Probably need to do more. Here is a recap of the best moment in our history: