Friday, September 26, 2014

Upper Deck Autographed Frank Robinson

Upper Deck sure had some tasty cards back when they had a licence with MLB. They used great pictures with nice designs in some of those specialty sets. I missed out on a lot of these because I wasn't collecting during the period that they were produced. Greats of the Game sets, Great Teams sets, whatever this is from set, all of them are nice additions to a binder, yes?

I have been trying to expand my Frank Robinson collection lately with cards showing him on the Reds. I may not have been a fan of the team but I sure do like those classic unis. Just beautiful. 

As simple and attractive the front of this card is the reverse is about as crowded as a card can be. My tired old eyes have a lot of trouble reading through the wall of stats, and the write-up in that tiny font? Forget it. 

No matter. 


  1. Man, that was a fantastic card before Sharpie met glossy cardboard

  2. Sweet! By the time I was aware of Frank he was on the Orioles so I'm always attracted to the photos of him with the Reds. As do many of the old timers, he has a nice signature.