Thursday, September 18, 2014

Adam Jones, Flag Man

The neatest thing happened Tuesday night during the Orioles clinching celebration after winning the AL East. Adam Jones took an AL East Champs banner and went out to the warning track deep in the outfield at Camden Yards and dove into the excited pile of OPACY grounds keepers. I mean, who does that?
I was watching the MASN broadcast and grabbed a screen cap of it but I accidentally overwrote it with another one so I was happy to find a picture online:

AJ10 then proceeded to circle the field high-fiving and hugging fans, posing for selfies and finally giving a few fans his celebratory shaving cream pies. I did get a few screen caps of that:

This pic, from the Baltimore Sun I think, has more of the interaction.

Here are four of my favorite Adam Jones cards (they are also four that don't have the white-hot borders which my scanner hates):

All of these were sent to me by other bloggers over the course of the last couple of years. And for that I am grateful.


  1. Congratulations on your team clinching the division!

  2. Adam Jones is a guy I've started to collect (ok, very recently, so I have, like 4 cards) after finding out he's from San Diego and seeing the tribute to Tony Gwynn he put on his hat at the All-Star Game. Seems like a great dude.
    Good luck to the O's! There's a team I don't think I'd have any trouble rooting for to win it all.

  3. In that card is also the flying man!
    I was hoping that the final Jeter season would boost my Yankees to win the Division at least but I got none..
    But again, well done by Baltimore! (I'm happy for Markakis eheh)