Thursday, September 4, 2014

1986 True Value Eddie Murray

The days of these type of card sets are pretty much behind us. Maybe the MLBPA has priced itself out of the market. Or maybe people just don't care about getting cards with other products or services anymore.

And maybe that's an OK thing. This Murray card is just a mess, isn't it? Bats, balls, logos stars color blocks.... and oh, yes, a picture of a halfway bad ass Eddie Murray with a blank Orioles batting helmet.

As seizure-inducing as the front is, the back is snooze-inducing. basic numbers (I'm fine with that actually, I don't care much about WAR+STHE%SN/K and other sabermetric things. I wish I did, but I don't). In 1985 Eddie hit 31 dingers, drove in 131 runs and hit .297 which is a good season. How many opposite field doubles he hit off righthanders who throw sliders while his grandparents were seated near third base just doesn't interest me. /rant

It's just baseball....have a brew, yell at the ump, enjoy the game.


  1. If they only changed the design a little more on the front they could have used an ever SMALLER picture.

  2. There was a Sidney Crosby insert set in a local bread a couple years back. They were horrid. Obviously, I collected them because that's what I do, but man, were they lousy.