Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Morning Quarterback #29 Wade Wilson 1991 Domino's QB Challenge card

In this ongoing series of posts I am going to feature cards from my fantasy football player collection, specifically the 117 quarterbacks I've had on my team's roster since 1980. I have one selected card for each player in my All-Time Flyers binder. Through the years I've tried to use as many different card varieties as possible while holding on to my preference which is: a card issued in a year I owned the player showing him in the proper team uni in a vertical format. Card availability and my whims have had a big impact on that standard as we will see. 
NFL Info: Wilson is another in the long line of journeyman quarterbacks I had rostered in the 80s and 90s. He played his college ball at East Texas State (now Texas A&M-Commerce) and was drafted by the Vikings in the 8th round of the 1981 draft. He played for the Vikes for 11 seasons and made the 1988 Pro Bowl in a season in which he led the NFL in completion percentage. Most of his time with Minnesota was in a reserve role. He played for several other clubs after leaving Minnesota and was the Saints full time starter in 1993. He was a quarterbacks coach for a couple of NFL teams after his playing days.

Fantasy Impact: I had Wilson in 1990 and he made one start for me. I used him as my qb in Week 2 that season and he threw  three scores to help me win my game. Odd thing is that Dan Marino was my regular quarterback and I sat him that week in favor of Wilson. I can't imagine why I did that, but I'm glad I did. I went on to win my first league championship that season. Looking back at Marino's 1990 season shows that he threw 21 touchdowns which was his lowest total since his rookie year. I even went to Steve DeBerg several times that year including the final two games of the regular season and the semi-finals, all of which he won.

The Card: For a food issue card this Dominos set wasn't too shabby. The company logo isn't splashed across it, the player photo takes center stage and the design is pretty clean. The back is better than a lot of regular set cardbacks with it's different photo and listing of the player's facts including numbers and highlights. The Upper Deck logo appears on the back and they get a tip of the cap for doing this right.

I can say with a lot of confidence that I've never bought a Domino's pizza so there is no telling where I got this card. I would bet that it came from one of my students back then because we did a lot of trading of football cards with the school kids.


  1. that set was never available where I lived, but a card shop I visited had packs of them. I tried and tried to finish that set. but the collation was HORRIBLE.
    I finally finished it 20 some years later, but still have a metric tonne of dupes somewhere...